Special Lecture by Dr. Kate Park, the Country Director for Human Resource at Hilton & Conrad Seoul Hotels

On May 6-7, 2019, Dr. Kate Park delivered series of special lectures at Mongolia International University for students from Departments of Hotel Management and International Business Management.

Dr. Kyung Sook (Kate) Park is currently the Country Director for Human Resource at Hilton and Conrad Seoul Hotels. Her academic background includes a Ph.D. degree in Hospitality Management from Hanyang University, an MBA degree from Yonsei University in Seoul. Dr. Kate PARK has nearly 30 years of experience in the hospitality management in the world’s best hotels and is an expert in deluxe/luxury hotel openings, services operation and quality management, organization development & culture, human resources & people management, talents management and learning & development. Moreover, she has published a famous book “Never Give Up” about hotel operations & customer services.

In her lecture series, Dr. Kate Park highlighted the most significant components of hospitality industry and service management. Using the example of Hilton and Conrad Seoul, she emphasized the importance of inspiration and innovation and further highlighted the importance of globalization and impact of the technologies in the 21st era.

Apart from the lecture, Dr. Kate Park conducted job interviews and mentoring program sessions for junior and senior students and spoke in the seminar for MIU’s leadership and staff members.