Greetings from Mongolia International University,
Hope you are doing well.

Mongolian government made an official announcement.
- Quarantine will be officially moved further until March 30th.

So our university made the following decisions, please follow accordingly!

1. Before February 28th students must pay their tuition fee.
2. Course registration will start from February 21th till February 28th (
3. All classes will start from March 2nd, 2020.
4. All classes until March 30th will be taught online. (Guidelines for online classes and decisions will be timely given so please wait patiently and check your e-mails daily) (For online classes student must have g-mail account, if you don’t have it please make a new g-mail account)
5. Final decision of dormitory is still tentative. (will be announced at the time)
6. Students whose ARC is expiring must come before their
expiry date.
7. Students may come before March 30th and study in their dorm rooms. Students who cannot come before March 30th may study online from their home country.

Thanks for your Attention!