Club registration


Dearest, MIU-ers! 💥
As many of you know, universities will start working offline from September 21st. Boring quarantine time about to end soon. It's your time to come back... As our student life begins to go in full swing we are opening the registration of student clubs!

If you have any desire to do something new and get new experience... We encourage you to create your club.

If you decide to start a club, make sure to fill the application form of MIU Club Registration.docx. After filling it, you have to register for the Academic Affairs to officially create your club.

REMINDER❗: Contact us if you decide to start your club. We will support and promote your club. Due to next MONDAY.

Also, if you have already created your club last year. You don't have to register again. Let us know you will continue to lead your club, we will promote your club. 👌