1. International Applicants Admission Processes 

Step 1. Application 

1) Deadline :

  • Non- LEI/ Normal admissions Track:  April. 26th ~ July 23rd, 2021 (by 16:00, Mongolian standard time) 

  • LEI Track: April.19th ~ 30th, 2021 (by 17:00, Mongolian standard time) 


2) Detailed : 

  • All required and original documents must be submitted via email or google classroom. 

  • If you are submitting the documents via email (, please ensure that the tile of the email is “ Full name of the applicant_Undergraduate International Admissions”


3) Required Documents : 



Documents for Submission 


Application Form  (Download Form)


*You must attach your formal photo, receipt of the application fee payment. 

* Your name must match the name on your passport or official certificate of nationality. 


Statement of Purpose in English (Download Form)


Recommendation Letter in English (Download Form)


Notarized Official English Certificate of High School Graduation 

(or proof of a relevant education level) 


Notarized Official High School Transcript 


*Full marks / GPA must be written on the transcript


Copy of Valid Passport


*Minimum 2 years till the expiry date 


HIV / AIDS Test Result 


*The test should be conducted prior to 2months from the date of application. 

*The result can be in English and the certificate must contain the hospital’s or doctor’s official stamp or signature. 


A Copy of an Application Fee payment Receipt 


Personal Photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm, Passport Size)


Portfolio, Records of Achievement (Not Mandatory) 


  • All of the documents scanned and submitted must be originals.
  • If the original documents are not sent prior to the applicant’s course start date, the admission will be canceled.
  • High school certificates and transcripts must be translated into Mongolian and have public notarization when documents are not in Mongolian. 
  • Once students are admitted to MIU and arrive in Mongolia, all International Students will need to translate their high school certificate and transcripts (under the Admission Affairs office’s guidance). This is to successfully register all foreign students into the Mongolian Ministry of Education database. The translation cost for each document varies from 7,000 MNT to 30,000 MNT. Public notaries cost 500 ~ 800 MNT for each document.
  • A certificate of registration, transcript, and graduation from schools outside of Mongolia must have an English address, an international phone number and a fax number from the department where the document was issued by the foreign school.

Step 2.Online Entrance Exam & Speaking Test 


1) Entrance Exam 

: Grammar, Vocabulary, Essay (65mins) 

2) Speaking in English (10min) 

3) Admission Affairs will notify each candidate with the time of Entrance Exam and Speaking Test details. 

4) The entrance exam will take place straight after the interview. 

Step 3. Skill Test 



English Education (EE) and Media & Communication (MC) 

Music Education

(Selec Piano or Voice or NMM Track)

*Record the video and send to 


Online Essays in English (30mins) 


Answering 2 short questions 


A solo piano performance (2mins+)


A solo singing performance 


New Media Music 

Selecting one of the options below 

(see options)


1) Submitting audio file (MP3, WAV), using computer music software (DAW)

2) Submitting image file of score you composed

3) Singing with performing or accompaniment (Cover)


  • Music Education 

    • If you can play any other instruments, you can record a video 3 ~ 5 minutes. This will assist the evaluators to assess your music ability in depth. 

    •  All performance recordings must clearly show the face and full body of the applicant. If the evaluators are unable to identify the applicant, the aplican’s admission process will be withdrawn. 

    • ME departments have an Interview and Skill test on Online 


Step 4. Notification of Final Decision & Registration

  1. After processing, 2021 results will be individually notified by the Admission Affairs Office.

  2. If the course fee payment is not received during registration, the application will be considered unregistered and the admission will be cancelled. 

  3. Admission Affairs will send invoices to applicants.


2. Requirements : Things You Should know Before you Apply


  2.1  Eligibility & Qualifications

  • A foreign applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent document from an accredited institution. (A foreigner refers to a person who holds non-Mongolian citizenship.)

  • Short-term education abroad, continuing education, and long-distance learning programs are not acknowledged in lieu of a certified secondary degree or diploma.

  • Application documents will NOT be reviewed if any of the followings occur:

    • Some of the supporting documents are missing.

    • Incorrect information is found in the application or supporting documents.

    • If a third person sits the entrance exam or skill test instead of the applicant.

    • The applicant or his/her parents are illegally residing in Mongolia.

    • The applicant is found ineligible due to deficiencies in areas of academic preparation.

    • The applicant has a past criminal record.

  • Local foreign applicants who have graduated from Mongolian local high school should also follow the same application procedure as international applicants.


2.2 Evaluation Process 









SOP & Recommendation Letter




Grammar, Vocabulary, Essay, Speaking 






Academic Programs 

  • School of Management (SoM) :
  • International Business Management (IM)
  • Hotel & Tourism Management (HTM)
  • Human Resource & Organization (HRO)
  • Accounting (ACCT)
  • Biotechnology & Food Science (BT)
  • Computer Science (CS)
  • Energy Resource & Environment Technology (ET)
  • International Relations (IR)
  • English Education (EE)
  • Music Education (ME)
  • Fashion Design (FD)
  • Media & Communication (MC)
  • International Law (IL)

2.3 Entrance examination requirements are as follow; 


Score Range (out of 100)




MIU Language Education Institute

Applicants cannot enroll in MIU and are encouraged to attend MIU Language Institution’s English course and re-apply in the following year. 


Year Zero Program 

Students can be enrolled in Year Zero Program 



Students score from 70% to 74% will be re-evaluated by the Admission Committee (AC), and AC will decide the programs that students are going to be admitted 


Normal Admissions

Students are qualified for the Document Screening Stage 


3. Application fee: USD 25


  • If you are a foreigner residing in Mongolia, you may pay the application fee in cash at MIU Financial Affairs office.

  • If you are living abroad, you may pay the application fee by wire transfer.

  • The application fee is non-refundable.


Payment Bank Information

From Abroad

Mongolian Account

  • Bank Name: Khan Bank

  • Account Holder’s Name: Mongolia International University/ if in Mongolia “Эм Ай Ю Дээд сургууль”

  • Account Number: 5720495555 (USD)

  • Swift Code: AGMOMNUB

  • Bank Address: Khan Bank Tower, Chinggis Avenue – 6, Stadium Orgil -1, Khan-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar 17010, Mongolia   

  • Phone Number: +976-11-332333


Mongolian Account

  • Bank Name: Khan Bank

  • Account Holder’s Name: Mongolia International University/ if in Mongolia “Эм Ай Ю Дээд сургууль”

  • Account Number: 5720794350 (MNT)

  • Swift Code: AGMOMNUB

  • Bank Address: Khan Bank Tower, Chinggis Avenue – 6, Stadium Orgil -1, Khan-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar 17010, Mongolia   

  • Phone Number: +976-11-332333


  • Please insert your “NAME and ITEM(s) OF PAYMENT (i.e. Application Fee or Tuition Fee & Dorm Fee)” when you make a wire transfer. This is to help us to track your application status and payment.

  • Please keep all receipts in hard copies and submit them to the Admission Affairs office when you arrive in Mongolia.

  • Please pay all financial transaction fees so that the full application fee is received by MIU, otherwise, your application will be automatically removed from the admission process.


4. Tuition and other courses fees and MIU Dormitory 


  • If you wish to know about the tuition and residence fees, please send us an email to with the following information;

    • Full name

    • Name of the department(s) that you wish to apply

    • Nationality

  • All freshman (1st year) students are required to enter and live in the Global Residence for the first year.

    • MIU believes that the first year of university is crucial in building a successful university life and that the MIU Global Residence will support all freshmen to swiftly adjust to campus life and develop their four-year academic plan.

    • If you are a primary caretaker of a family or have a serious illness, you may write a free-style petition that stipulates your reason. Once the petition is submitted to, the Residence Committee will review the petition and decide on the applicant’s status.


5. S (Student) Visa Application Process 


  • Step 1. Submission of Visa Documents 

    • After applicants get acceptance, Admission Affairs notifies the visa. 

  • Step 2. Visa documents screening by the Mongolian Immigration office and request for the visa invitation code (14~21days) 

    • The application must inform the Admission Affairs office in advance which country they wish to receive the visa 

  • Step 3. Notification of the visa invitation code to the applicant (1~2days) 

    • Please call the Mongolian embassy/consulate in your country/region and ask if your visa invitation code has arrived prior to your visit. 

  • Step 4. Visa Request (Express: few hours ~ 1 day / Normal: 2~3days) 

    • Express will cost much more than a normal track. Please call the Mongolian embassy or consulate for the visa fee. 


6. Contact Information






Khongor Munkhtugs

Domestic Admission


Nami Gu 

Regional Coordinator - Republic of Korea


Yunfei Feng 

Regional Coordinator - China


Nadia Egorova 

Regional Coordinator - Russia & Central Asia