National Universities Fashion Festival of Korea

Event duration was October 31(Tue) ~ November 3(Fri), 2017 (3 nights 4 days)

Professor in charge: Eun Jung Kim
MIU representatives: Sarangua Boldbaatar (senior),  Densmaa Dorjpurev (senior)

Daegu’s annual fashion show is held successfully for 29th time. The fashion show usually includes the professional fashion designers and university students work. In total6 professional designers and 31 universities attended including three universities specially invited from Mongolia, Japanese and Finland. The fashion show was held continuously for three days presenting professional designer’s collections which were inspired by street look and Korean traditional clothing and the university student’s collections which were inspired by each of their own special ideas. It was an honoring and a wonderful opportunity to participate in this spectacular event. In conclusion, every university has their own special image. We were participated fourteen full outfits.  Especially seeing our previous seniors work on big stage of Daegu Fashion Center.