If you believe in the power of education, please partner with us to educate the future leaders of Central Asia. Your generous gift is truly appreciated.



A Commitment to Educating Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

MIU is deeply committed to educating and developing tomorrow’s global leaders who possess honesty, integrity and professionalism. To be an innovative leader for higher education, providing relevant areas of study at the leading edge

A Dedication to Serving Others

All members of the MIU community are passionate about service-oriented leadership. As such MIU aims to foster a culture of servant leadership in Mongolia and throughout Central Asia.

A Tight-Knit, Global Community

MIU seeks to cultivate an international community of current and future leaders through a multicultural campus and global partnerships. Students come to MIU to engage in a diverse community of faculty and students coming from around the world.

How Your Gift Will Help

Your generous gift will help where our university most needs the funds, including:

  • Scholarships for low-income and foreign students
  • Funding for purchasing much-needed supplies for labs and classrooms
  • New building construction such as a student dormitory and faculty housing

Please visit Ways to Give page for instructions on how to give. For more information, please contact