Campus life

MIU Counseling Center

Located in the basement of M Building, MIU Counseling Center is a safe place for everyone to express oneself, talk about life, or make plans for the future. All service is free and confidential.

1. Jennifer Wolverton, MS, Counseling Psychology
She is a lecturer in GE. Some of her courses include Marriage and Home, Abnormal Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Human Development, and Educational Psychology. She studied Psychology in her undergraduate and Counseling Psychology for her Master’s degree. She has counseled young adults and adults over the last sixteen years in the USA, the Philippines, and most recently in Mongolia. One of her specialties is counseling those in troubled relationships.


2. Bayasgalan Sukhbat, MA, Psychology and Family Study

She is a staff in Academic Affairs. She has rich experience in counseling people with problems related to family issues. She can counsel in Mongolian language.


3. Tom Wolverton, BA, M.Div.

He is a lecturer in LEI and MIU. He has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a Master’s in Philosophy. He has extensive experience advising in academic planning and personal budgeting. Planning ahead prevents problems in Education and Finances.


The center offers private, confidential counseling on following topics:

*Relational difficulties
*Stress management
*Learning strategies
*Test anxiety
*Time management
*Personal budgeting
*Academic planning


Counseling Hours by Appointment

Jennifer Wolverton
Wednesday 8:00-16:00 Friday 8:00-14:00

Bayasgalan Sukhbat
Tueday /Thursday 17:00-18:00